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Misdemeanor Domestic Violence

Standing Up For You Against Domestic Violence Charges

There is no easy way out of a domestic violence charge. The mere accusation is enough for police to take action. Even if you think the altercation was minor, you can still be charged and face a conviction for a misdemeanor offense.

When your life and access to your family are at stake, you need a lawyer who is on your side. Earl E. Conaway, III is that lawyer. Our firm fights hard for people charged with misdemeanor domestic violence in San Luis Obispo, and we can bring our passion and skill to work for you.

Listening To Your Side

There is great pressure on authorities in California to prosecute cases of domestic abuse and domestic violence. Even without visible injury, you will face charges. You may be convicted if the district attorney can prove you unlawfully touched your spouse, partner or child in a harmful and offensive manner. Proof of pain or injury is not necessary.

At Earl E. Conaway, III, A Professional Law Corporation, we listen to your side. We fight for your rights at all stages of the criminal process — in negotiation with the district attorney and judge, and at trial. You have only one chance to hire the right lawyer, and we have the drive you need in the attorney who represents you, on a misdemeanor or felony charge.

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